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The One Key To Retail Success Give Customers What They Want, They'll Buy It ... And Customers Want Yankee Candle®

"Not only are they selling, but the Yankee Candle brand name is also pulling people into our store to look around and buy other items! Increased sales in other areas of our store can in many cases be attributed to people coming in to check out our Yankee Candle selection."

Betsy Ickes
Ickes Drug Store; Bedford, PA

10 Great Reasons to partner with Yankee Candle.

1. The world's largest selection of candle fragrances, styles, and home fragrance products.
2. The leader in new fragrance introductions.
3. Exceptionally true-to-life everyday and seasonal fragrances with natural extracts.
4. Seasonally appropriate gift sets and candle accessories.
5. Dedicated, experienced sales consultants to help with inventory planning and account management.
6. Superior customer service.
7. Consumer promotions designed to drive traffic and turn inventory.
8. Marketing, merchandising, and point-of-sale materials for your store.
9. Exclusive wholesale dealer website with 24/7 access.
10. Access to our portfolio of specialty brands.

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